24 August, 2006

Man creates God in his own mould

EVERY man lives in one of the seven chakras, the energy centres. If you are in the lowest level, that is the Muladhara chakra, you are caught in lust and desire. You worship a God who can grant all your boons. That is why God is understood as a giver of boons and is very popular. People are caught up in fantasy, expectations and desires and whoever fulfils these becomes their God. The moment they miss giving a single boon, their Gods will get dethroned! Next is the person who is caught in the Swadishthana chakra. You worship the God who gives confidence, who you believe will take care of you; you go behind the idols that have many weapons and many hands. You experience God as a protector. The third level person stays in the Manipuraka chakra. You continuously worry and remain confused. You worship the God who gives clarity and peace. Next is the person who lives in the Anahata chakra. Here, you are attracted towards the God who showers love on you. You worship the God who gives emotional fulfilment. Next, if you are raised to the level of the Vishuddhi chakra, the God of creativity or Energy appeals to you. You experience God as the creator. If you are centred in the Ajna chakra, you are locked in ego. Somebody in the egoless state attracts you: rishis, seers, sages, prophets and Masters attract you. The egoless man becomes your idol. That is why I say man creates God in his own mould! You simply relate to God or the Masters from these six levels; a relationship doesn’t happen — you simply reduce them to mere mortals. You have a concept in your mind and you are demanding from them that concept — it is simply a monologue. In the Ajna chakra, the dialogue starts. Only in the Sahasrara chakra, the communion happens! If you understand you are actually relating to your Gods and Masters from these chakras and that you need to go beyond this and catch the transcendental expression of the Divine, all your problems will dissolve! When you are in the Muladhara chakra, the Master drills into you like a crowbar. At a little higher level, he is like a knife penetrating you. At the level of the Sahasrara chakra, he is like a fragrance! If you are alert and aware, the Master can transform you. You just need to be passive for the alchemy to happen. If you are alert and aware, you can catch the smell and experience it!

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