05 May, 2010

Take charge of your life

In day to day hustle and bustle, we tend to forget the basics of life.

Hope the following enlightens you..

Do you know why the earth is shaped like a globe? So you can kick it and it will roll away! the moment you wake up in the morning you are always with people and your mind is caught up in worldly thoughts. So sometime during the day, sit for a few minutes, get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and kick the world away like a ball. But as soon as you open your eyes, hold onto the ball because you need to kick it again in the next session. During the day be 100 percent attached to the work, don't try to detach yourself. But when you sit for meditation, then totally detach yourself. Only those who can totally detach can take total responsibility. Eventually you will be able to be both attached and detached simultaneously. Kick the ball and be in the goal! This is the art of living, the skill of living. Source: Forward in my email in box.

06 April, 2010

Happiness et al.

Its been seven months, since I got married and the same time since I am in God’s own country.

There are so many new reasons of being happy since then

Listing few of them as follows:

- Married life

o Being with your life partner

o Being with in laws.

o Getting along with your life partner’s relatives.

o Being with new neighbors

o Getting to know your life partner’s friends.

- Food

o Having delicious Kerala breakfast.

o Carrying lunch box to office and reading newspaper in that time

o Having snacks with family members in evening and exchanging news.

o Making new dishes for dinner once in a blue moon.

o Trying new restaurants at least once in a fortnight.

o Having noodles at least once in a week.

o Having at least one fruit in a day.

- Work

o Work hours from 9 AM to 5 PM

o Small company. Nice company

o Learning a lot of new things with each passing day

o Freedom of designing work. (Mix of Research Review and Execution)

o Taking up varied responsibilities and stretching.

o Flexibility of commuting by two wheeler or Auto or bus (hehehe)

- Others

o Meeting Mummy on webcam almost everyday.

o Meeting papa and brother on webcam once in a month.

o Staying in touch with other relatives and friends through internet social networking sites and mobile.

o Reading newspapers daily. ( a happiness factor )

o Good Network connectivity at work.

o Updating my HR knowledge.

o Reading books

21 February, 2010

Moving Ahead

Here I am, listening to the song "Shoot The Moon" from Norah Jones's album "Come away with me". Its Sunday 11 PM. A relatively small week is ahead, as long weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) is coming. Had a good relaxed Sunday. Watched a Malayalam movie " Puthiya Mukham" with subtitle along with hubby. Had noodles for lunch. Took a sweet nap in afternoon. Had Theplaa for dinner. Everything around looks good good to me.

Its been over 5 months since I got married. Life after marriage has changed a lot. But I am liking this life as well. This is because of the freedom I am getting to live life on my terms. My in-laws (Mother-in-law, Sister- in - law and Father-in-law) are really cool. I am really lucky to have them. I have full support of my Mother-in-law, so I feel as if I am home.

In professional life, I have joined a HR Consultancy company as Consultant HR and Selection.
There as well, I enjoy the freedom of designing my role and work. Every day is a new challenge. And I am excited about it. My Manager is a cool person. My colleagues are also very sweet.

And my sweetheart , my hubby is the sweetest of all because of whom I am enjoying each and every moment of my life.

As of now thats it.. Am moving ahead and am happy . :) :)

25 November, 2009


Hope is the driver of life according to me.

We hope, that we start speaking..
We hope, that we start walking..
We hope, that we start reading..
We hope,that we pass the test..
We hope to be successful...

Hope has so much positivity attached to it... it increases the chances of possibility..
Whenever the clouds of negativity block your head, make sure that the sun in the form of Hope shuns away all those clouds and keeps you bright.
Every morning I get up and tell to my self "Hope is a very powerful thing, let not ever lose it".

In the movie The Shawshank Redemption , there is a dialogue "Hope is good thing, may be the best of things, and good thing ever dies".

09 October, 2009

Plane delayed by bird on board

A South Korean passenger jet was grounded just before taking off so that crew members could catch a sparrow that was flying around in the cabin, airline officials said on Wednesday. “The bird got in through an open airplane door and was spotted during boarding,” said Cho Hyung-chul, a spokesman for Korean Air Line. The passengers on the flight were asked to leave the plane as the airline tried to prevent the bird from taking the domestic flight. “The bird was captured and set free,” Cho said. The flight’s 123 passengers were put on board a different plane and sent on their journey, which was delayed for nearly three hours.

Source: The Economic Times
Section: Suddenly Something
Link: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com

14 July, 2009

End (Bachelorette life) is a New beginning (Married Life)

Well, I was browsing through my saved SMSes and one of the SMSes was "Nothing happens by changing your face, but change can happen by facing the change". Though, I don't agree with the first part, but somehow I liked the placement of the words and the thought of facing change.

So, here I am standing at the so called peak of my life.

One very pleasant phase of my life is going to end and in few days and I will be all set to get married. Please don't read this as an unpleasant phase of life is going to start. But there are apprehensions and uncertainities that are attached to it, which I guess everyone who is going to get married has.

Being a person, who decides the path of her life, independtly, this transition will be really difficult one. Life will become a function of two lives, rather than one life.

Ideally, my dream is to make this phase even better than the present phase of my life. So I am trying my level best to become a suitable candidate for my would be. Reading "The 24 x 7 Marriage", book by Vijay Nagaswami. Ya, I know, reading books alone can not help. But if one knows some tips in advance then those will come in handy at the time of need.

At the end, they say, that suspense of marriage is only known after getting married. So, experience it. Enjoy it.

Here I am ready to embrace the change !
Here I am awaiting my wedding! :) :)

01 May, 2009

White and light

This is an innocuous food for all times. Different languages refer it as follows:- Assamese -Muri, Gujarati - Mumra, Kannada - Kadle poori , Mandalu and Mandakki, Konkani - Chanburo, Malayalam - Porei, Marathi - Kurmure / Murmure, Tamil - Pori, Telugu - Borugulu or Mora moraalu (similar to "mur mure"), Tulu - Churmuri and Kurlu and Hindi Parmal. Thats, white and light, puffed rice for you. (Courtesy :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puffed_rice )

Different permutations and combinations will give variety of items to tickle your taste buds.
Be it, the famous Bhel puri or laddoo coated with jaggery syrup, or spicy puffed rice upma and the list goes on.

Enlisting a few benefits which are top of the mind recall
- No Fats
- Rich in carbohydrates
- Easy to digest
- Not sure of expiry date ( I think its 1 year)
For more information on puffed rice nutrition ,check the following link
Of course there are cons also, like :- it is more harmful for your teeth than any sweets. But, you can always brush your teeth after that.

For me, puffed rice is my dinner when Tiffin doesn’t come. So next time when you are coming to my place you know what is there for dinner. :D.