06 April, 2010

Happiness et al.

Its been seven months, since I got married and the same time since I am in God’s own country.

There are so many new reasons of being happy since then

Listing few of them as follows:

- Married life

o Being with your life partner

o Being with in laws.

o Getting along with your life partner’s relatives.

o Being with new neighbors

o Getting to know your life partner’s friends.

- Food

o Having delicious Kerala breakfast.

o Carrying lunch box to office and reading newspaper in that time

o Having snacks with family members in evening and exchanging news.

o Making new dishes for dinner once in a blue moon.

o Trying new restaurants at least once in a fortnight.

o Having noodles at least once in a week.

o Having at least one fruit in a day.

- Work

o Work hours from 9 AM to 5 PM

o Small company. Nice company

o Learning a lot of new things with each passing day

o Freedom of designing work. (Mix of Research Review and Execution)

o Taking up varied responsibilities and stretching.

o Flexibility of commuting by two wheeler or Auto or bus (hehehe)

- Others

o Meeting Mummy on webcam almost everyday.

o Meeting papa and brother on webcam once in a month.

o Staying in touch with other relatives and friends through internet social networking sites and mobile.

o Reading newspapers daily. ( a happiness factor )

o Good Network connectivity at work.

o Updating my HR knowledge.

o Reading books

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