24 November, 2006


Why somebody has to bear?
Why someone has to tolerate?
Why some one who has allready decided the course of specialization has to study other subjects?
Why why and why?
Why does one has to sit and listen to something which one dosent want to?

Would add more whys in future

09 November, 2006

Insecurity is the basis of life

INSECURITY is the very basis of life. When we hear this, we are totally shaken. We are overcome with fear. We do not want to listen further. We like to believe that everything about life is assured and that life is in our hands. In reality, life is nothing but a risk. Death is the only certainty in life. We are not bothered about life, but in the name of security we make many efforts to live a risk-free life. We try to seek security in many ways. We try to look for security in the form of money, power, relationship and so on. We definitely need money to live a good life. Wa n t i n g enough money to live our life is alright. But there are people who live just for amassing more and more money or wealth. Such people do not make money for basic living, they live for making money! Thinking money will give them the much needed security in their lives they begin to run after it. They become possessed by it. They run after money without stopping and lose the capacity to enjoy the money that they make. They end up running into their graveyard itself. We search for security through relationships. If a particular person gives us a secure feeling in terms of comfort, attention, etc., we seek security through them. In our life, most of the time our energy is wasted in thinking of our wife, husband, parents or relative who gives us security. If we truly see, these other persons do not enjoy security in themselves. They also seek security through you or others! What security can they then give you? Still we look to them for security. When they are not able to give us the security, we talk ill of them and say that they have breached our trust in them. Truly, only if we get the clarity of thinking that no one can guarantee security to anyone, can we enjoy the people around us. Try to understand: in truth no one can guarantee anyone security, because the basis of everyone’s life is insecurity. The only security is Existence or God. When we deeply contemplate on this truth, a permanent and real security which is Godawareness happens in us. Then we will not run after the objects of the external world for security. We will enjoy a deep and secure state within where there is permanent peace. Be blissful!

(Cosmic Uplink-- Economic Times)