17 December, 2007

Laughing @ my assumptions and hence inferences

It has been more than two months since I posted something. There are n number of reasons for which you can assume why am I not posting and hence you are at freedom to draw your own inferences. But the fact is that I didn’t feel like posting as life was going on at the levels below the self actualization level* (Array...yaar bakwas bandh kar ..aur sidhi baat kar). I didnt want to post now..as I have to prepare a SHRM plan for a company as a part of my course curriculum. I have to submit it by next week. Just before posting here, I figured out that its high time to prepare a plan and a good plan would have commenced a lot earlier. (Array yaaro chhodo...this girl is just venting out whatever she is having in her mind right now..you have many better things to do than to read this post..Some philosophical thoughts come in her mind during night hours). Okay then suddenly something struck me out of introspection. (Hain ..itne dino baad aaj time mila introspection ka…??) What was that ? ...The title of this post...(Hmmm posts zyaadaatar bottom up approach use karke likhe jaate hain ..aur ye top down method use kar rahi hai...aur ek wajah post read nahin karneki…yaar post has no direction also…rail ki patri pakad dost)

Well, the title came out of something that had happened today. It was failure in a test. The test is called "trust". Initially I have failed in this test many times but the examiner is a very magnanimous and pure soul who would each time give me one more chance. He/She has a hidden hope somewhere in her/his heart that someday I will clear this test. Thanks to him/her for his/her leniency and for believing in me.

Failure of the test today made me feel really miserable as last time when I failed the test I had shown high prospects of clearing the test next time. But each time when testing times come I just move to some lower levels and hence fail the test. This level according to me is the level titled "Social Needs". This realization was a result of a little bit of introspection that had automatically started in my mind ..even though my eyes were mechanically reading the Strategic Human Resource Management book's Index. I closed the book thereafter and then got the true reason of failure. I started laughing by myself on myself. This laugh made me feel lighter and in true sense happy. The concrete reason that I managed to put in words is as follows:
"Assumptions you make and Inferences you draw from those are very much related" .

My assumptions when I appear for the test were my own and hence the inferences I drew were also my own. This caused failure. So the bottom line is unless and until mentioned don’t assume things. Be it theory or practical, work or life, move ahead on the basis of facts.

*For those who are unaware of the levels that I have mentioned above, I am referring to
Maslow's Hirearchy of Needs.

Apology: People who know this incidence, I sincerely apologize for making the entire incidence a bit fictitious. Modifications are made to convey the essence of the topic to the readers.