13 January, 2008

Portfolio called life !!

Well, my friends are all complaining that since long i didnt post at my blog and as usual I promised them to post something. So my dear readers here is the much awaited post..

As mentioned in my post earlier, I get the title before I think about the content. May seem strange. But thats the way it happens to me these days. It happened so, the other day I had FT (Financial Technology) exam. As was the case with few other papers so was the case with this. I was going through the material to study just two days before the exam. Now during night time the philosophical side of my personality becomes active. And so I was reading when , I came across this term called portfolio.I kept on reading it again and again like a record stuck on the player. May be I was dozzing off to glory.Then the half asleep philosophical mind said something. And it was something that amazed me. It said "life too is a portfolio."

Your type and amount of investments will decide your returns... but finally it all depends on your risk appetite..Higher the risk, higher the return and vice versa...

Hence a small post ....just to justify the title. Nothing that profound...May be a cliche one ..but then something...

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