20 February, 2009

When blogging is not on your mind

After so many months I am blogging. And I am having this feeling of uneasiness. A year ago, when I was pursuing MBA, blogging came naturally to me. May be, I had a lot of time to think, relax and structure my thoughts. But today, I am feeling as if I have to learn riding a bicycle again and keep in mind how to maintain the balance while driving.
It seems, life has become transactional these days. No new thoughts, opinions or ideas are coming. In a way, life is giving so many experiences so fast that before I gather them and put it in a structure, some new thing would happen and it would override the previous thought. Anyway, let me share with you names of my recently read books. In past couple of months, I read a book "Career Dynamics" by Edgar Schien. Its a wonderful book in which the concept of career anchors amazes me. One of the classics, you can say. These days I am reading another book titled "Winning" by Jack Welch. Warren Buffet says "No other management book will be ever needed" and I am finding it true. The book is full of Jack Welch's experiences which he had during his 40 years of corporate life.

So thats it. I shall post more soon.. Keep reading !!