27 March, 2009

C'est la vie!

Here I am..relishing each bite of Maggi Cuppa Mania Chilli Chow Yo !, on a Friday morning. Its a long weekend. Still woke up at 5:50 AM at the ring of alarm...and called and woke up one of the friends, as per my promise. Its Ugadi (New year for the people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh), Gudi Padva (New Year for people of Maharashtra) and Cheti Chand( New Year for the People of Sindh). So SMSed all my friends "Happy New Year", while reading India Today's 16th March 09 issue. And fell asleep in the mean while.. Woke up again ..Checked mails.. Thinking of going for a half day conducted tour to Bangalore.. (Abhi tak bangalore darshan nahin kiye).. have downloaded movies "American Beauty", "Good Fellas" and "He is just not that into you" through bit torrent..will watch those...on Saturday..may go for "Thermal and A Quarter's " rock concert at St. Joseph 's College of Commerce. Of course, the entry is free...Shall start reading some books that are long pending... (Shall post the book names , once I finish reading them).

Had it not been last minute cancellation of one planned trip , it being a long weekend, could have planned a good outing in and around Bangalore. But who knows , these are "Changing Times" and whether you feel happy or sad it all depends on your viewpoint towards life..( Reiterating the crux of one of my previous posts).. So "C'est la vie", a French phrase meaning "That's life" or "it's the life !

24 March, 2009

Anything is possible

It's difficult to even know what many of your limiting beliefs are because they are so well entrenched. Yet day after day, they hold you back and obscure your view of life's best possibilities.

To set yourself free of those limiting beliefs, crowd them out with inspiration. The more inspired you are, the more easily you'll dissolve the beliefs that hold you back.

Focus on a beautiful, wonderful, meaningful possibility. Feel how you must let go of your limiting beliefs in order to fully imagine and comprehend that possibility.

See that ultimately, the only thing that really holds you back is your belief that you cannot move forward. Once you've let that go, you free yourself to soar.

Anything is possible. And underneath all those illusions of limitation, you know it without a doubt.
Trade your limitations for inspirations. And fulfill the best that is within you.

03 March, 2009

Viewpoint (+ve)

The Recession Twister is going all over the place with each passing day. Not a single business is left unaffected due to its impact. Twisters are generally used to symbolize negative impact. But hey! Lets look at it in a different way. It is destroying the old order and is giving opportunity for new things to come up. This is one of the many perceptions and then the most popular perception is that of fear of unknown, job loss and lost business. The type of perception hat you don totally depends upon your viewpoint in life. Most often this viewpoint is labeled as luck, fate, destiny etc. Some curse their fate when things don’t work according to their expectations and others rejoice and feel lucky when something good happens beyond their expectations. Once in a while having either of the above feelings i.e. of being sad or happy is fine. But constantly cursing ones fate or feeling lucky always, are cases, which are purely based on viewpoint in life.

I know one employee who was asked to leave, as his company was cutting all the fat due to economic slowdown. Upon asking what is his next move, he happily said that he, along with some of his friends is mulling over a business plan of starting something in gaming industry. He had thought about this long back and now he is getting this opportunity to realize his childhood dream. This is a very live and recent example of what a viewpoint can do to you and it’s totally left upon you to choose from.

I am ending this post with a very powerful line from Paulo Coelho’s book, Alchemist, “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”. Now here is the quiz question. Which viewpoint is this? a) positive b) negative

Music and me

These days not a single day passes by when I have not listened to my favourite music tracks. This music sets my mood for the entire day. Generally the day starts with fast beat music at a little louder volume. This gives tremendous energy. Singing along with your favourite songs gives you self-confidence. Music is a heavenly thing, which has no substitute.