05 April, 2009

I vote against Noise Pollution

It was 12 am and I was almost ready to hit the bed. I was really sleepy by the time, I Bid adieu to online chat friends. Switched off the light and went inside the mosquito net. I was so damn tired that I was about to sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. But the rhythm of drums was not letting me fell asleep.

Domlur village festival is going on and the statue of the deity is taken through the streets in a procession accompanied with dancing to the beats of drums. The so called "celebration" started during late afternoon and different drum beats were audible from all the directions.

Under the rule, live performances by bands are now banned after the 11 PM in Bangalore. So is dancing in clubs and discotheques. Karaoke nights at pubs and clubs, where the city's wannabe singers gathered to make some noise, have ended. The police have even ruled that club or bars keep music low.

So here I was ,sitting in my bed, closing my ears by hands and waiting for the procession to pass by. It was passing from the street adjacent to my house. Half an hour passed, still it didn't stop. I was really bugged up by this time. I picked up my phone and called "Just dial Bangalore". I asked them to provide me phone number of the authority whom I can speak to requesting can stoppage of this "Noise". He provided Bangalore police station, Indiranagar's phone number. It was 1:30 AM by now and still drum beats were so loud that none of the people in the locality will be able to sleep. I called up the police station and asked them to stop this nonsense. They told me that they will do this at the earliest. In say about, 5 minutes the noise became lower and then just stopped. I am not sure what happened. There are two possibilities here. Either the procession was over or the police came and stopped them.

Noise is just one example of the many vices that are present in our society. The moral of the story is that the proliferation of the vices is not because of the activity of the nonsensical elements but because of the passivity of the sensible elements. So blow the whistle and execute your right to vote …