01 May, 2009

White and light

This is an innocuous food for all times. Different languages refer it as follows:- Assamese -Muri, Gujarati - Mumra, Kannada - Kadle poori , Mandalu and Mandakki, Konkani - Chanburo, Malayalam - Porei, Marathi - Kurmure / Murmure, Tamil - Pori, Telugu - Borugulu or Mora moraalu (similar to "mur mure"), Tulu - Churmuri and Kurlu and Hindi Parmal. Thats, white and light, puffed rice for you. (Courtesy :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puffed_rice )

Different permutations and combinations will give variety of items to tickle your taste buds.
Be it, the famous Bhel puri or laddoo coated with jaggery syrup, or spicy puffed rice upma and the list goes on.

Enlisting a few benefits which are top of the mind recall
- No Fats
- Rich in carbohydrates
- Easy to digest
- Not sure of expiry date ( I think its 1 year)
For more information on puffed rice nutrition ,check the following link
Of course there are cons also, like :- it is more harmful for your teeth than any sweets. But, you can always brush your teeth after that.

For me, puffed rice is my dinner when Tiffin doesn’t come. So next time when you are coming to my place you know what is there for dinner. :D.