14 July, 2009

End (Bachelorette life) is a New beginning (Married Life)

Well, I was browsing through my saved SMSes and one of the SMSes was "Nothing happens by changing your face, but change can happen by facing the change". Though, I don't agree with the first part, but somehow I liked the placement of the words and the thought of facing change.

So, here I am standing at the so called peak of my life.

One very pleasant phase of my life is going to end and in few days and I will be all set to get married. Please don't read this as an unpleasant phase of life is going to start. But there are apprehensions and uncertainities that are attached to it, which I guess everyone who is going to get married has.

Being a person, who decides the path of her life, independtly, this transition will be really difficult one. Life will become a function of two lives, rather than one life.

Ideally, my dream is to make this phase even better than the present phase of my life. So I am trying my level best to become a suitable candidate for my would be. Reading "The 24 x 7 Marriage", book by Vijay Nagaswami. Ya, I know, reading books alone can not help. But if one knows some tips in advance then those will come in handy at the time of need.

At the end, they say, that suspense of marriage is only known after getting married. So, experience it. Enjoy it.

Here I am ready to embrace the change !
Here I am awaiting my wedding! :) :)