09 July, 2007

Want to be a happy man?

I read a book "The conquest of happiness"... by Bertrand Russell

Its a book that one should read at different stages of ones life...I happened to read it at the age of 23. When I am 35 or 50 it will have a different meaning for me.

It is one of the best self-help books I have ever come across.

One thing I would like to mention is that ...great works are there in such life changing books..but all is in vain unless practiced in real life.

All in all a must read book!!

07 July, 2007

Chennai Stories - 1

I am really jobless today and hence thought of scribbling some things that amazed me in past few days.

Incidence - 1

One day my friend and I were at Koyembedu private bus stand (Chennai) and we wanted to go to Spencer's plaza (one of the oldest shopping mall of Chennai). We asked the auto rickshaw drivers for the amount they would charge to take us to that place. This is typical of Chennai. Here the auto rickshaws will have the fare meters. But the drivers will never charge fare according to the meter. Instead they will charge some arbitrary amount and extort money from the passengers like anything. If you are aware of the distance and the fares that are generally charged, u know how much is apt and up to what you can bargain. But if you are a novice then be prepared to get “looted” by them.

Taking this into consideration, the auto fellows were asking for somewhere in the range of 80 -100 bucks. This was just too much and therefore we decided to go by the local city bus. We needed the direction to reach to that place and so we asked a few people for the way to the bus stand. One old gentleman, instead of showing us the directions, came all the way with us to the bus stand. This was some 1 -1 ½ Kilometer from the place. My friend and I were just wondering why he came all the way there. What is the motivation for him to come all the way to that place without any selfish motive?

He was the hero of the day in my eyes. I was thinking about this and one day, I chanced upon to read somewhere that some people feel motivated by helping others. There are many live and bigger examples of such people the in past. But this was one live and recent case before my eyes. When such things happen, very naturally you pray to Almighty for the well being of that person.

I wanted to get my leather handbag stitched. It was torn from sides. I thought of getting it done from a roadside cobbler. The other day I was carrying that bag and was returning from an ATM.

On the roadside, I saw an old lady cobbler having her afternoon “siesta”. She was dark in complexion. A little bit fat. She wore a saree. Though she was a cobbler her nose and ears were pierced with jewellery that looked of gold to me. She wore a thick golden necklace and many bangles. Now ladies with this much jewellery is a common sight in Chennai. She had a hand fan lying besides her. Expression on her face were that of an “angry old lady”. A mat containing her tools and many shoes were lying in front of her. It seemed that she is into this business from quite sometime. This was taking into consideration her age and the way tools were lying on the mat. All required tools were arranged so that they are handy and convenient to use.

I thought of waking her up. But then, thought of not spoiling her nap. But my presence around woke her. I don’t know Tamil so I showed her my bag and the torn part. She took the bag and started stitching the torn part. She really did a good job. I asked for the fees. She showed me with her 3 fingers “3”. I understood that she asked for three rupees. I thought that this wonderful job is at least worth Rs. 10 (Kunjoos me !! ). So, I handed over a 10 rupees note. She gave a perplexed look to me then I asked “what?” Then again with her fingers she showed me 3 and 10. I thought I understood this time what she was asking for. So I wrote on the ground with my fingers “30”. She nodded her head. I started laughing at my intended generosity and I was literary feeling like a fool. Then I explained her that the amount she got was okay. But then she was looking very furious, so I gave some other 6 bucks (this was all I had with me in my money purse, though I had Rs. 2000/- in my pant pocket which I recently withdrew from ATM). I escaped from her showing her my empty money purse indicating that this was all that I have. When I reached my room, I was contemplating over the entire episode. Whether I did a right thing or wrong ?
I thought, we spend 100 bucks and many times 200 hundred bucks for the movies at multiplexes, but when it comes to giving 30 rupees to cobbler you refuse to give. This is because YOU don’t think that it is worth it

01 July, 2007

One minute please !!

The other day, I attended the brainstorming session of MMA (Madras Management Association) to decide the theme for the 6th MMA All India Management Students' Convention. At the end of the session we were shown a small video...

It had three parts

One minute Goal setting
One minute Praise
One minute Reprimand

Here are the steps for all the three

One minute Goal setting

Agree on goals
Set a goal and performance
Write down goals
Read and reread the goals

One minute Praising

Be Upfront
Approximately right
Share feelings
Moment of slience
Encourage more

One Minute Reprimand

Share before hand
Share feeling
Pause for reflection

All these points were explained with famous Hollywood movie "Rocky".

Of all the "One minuters"..I have started practicing..One minute goal setting..
For the other two I am waiting for the right time.