24 August, 2007

When it hurts

When it hurts you feel like crying and shouting at the whole world. You forget your own self and you lose your mental stability and rational attitude. These moments are your acid tests. If you survive those then there is high probability that you would sustain the future shocks. You train your mind to deal with such situations. But then such shock absorptions are against the law of nature. If pressure gets built up in the pressure cooker then the whistle should blow up or else the cooker will blast. Same is with life. I need to learn to vent out my aggressions and grievances before there is a whistle blowing situation. This would be in the larger interest of majority surrounding me. Many times such pressure is in-built due to my own assumptions and self centeredness. I am learning to look at the situation as an outsider. What would I suggest to my friend when I see him/her in such situation? I am being a self heeler. And one remedy to change your mood or to be that outsider is to blogJ. It helped me now. I was having a pressure cooker situation in my mind. Well I didn’t have the whistle to release the pressure, but I turned off the gas burner (uncontrolled and baseless thoughts running in my mind). I am feeling cool and normal now. Thanks blogger.com for providing me this space.

22 August, 2007

When I actually want to post

These days life has really become very busy. And this busy is for good. This term we are having electives. We don’t have lectures throughout the week. Its different thing that most of the time, we have classes on weekend as well. But then these times I have chosen all the subjects except for the two core subjects, which are my conscious choices. Hence I am wholeheartedly involved in the subjects. Is it that way or the project work asks for lots of involvement? (As in summaries, presentations and lots of pre-read material) Above all this, many non-academic activities are happening in this semester. These all keeps me engaged throughout the day. Sleeping at 2 and getting up at 8 is a luxury.

Sometimes I have story, incidence etc. to post here, but due to the engagements mentioned above, I am unable to post anything in this space. We have a subject named 'Soft skills' this time. In that the instructor has asked us to make a 24 hour timetable for oneself and make best efforts to abide by it. So in today's timetable I deliberately allotted a slot to type this post.
Don’t know how life is going to be in future. At present you can say that I am in the bed of roses. Things are going to be much more difficult than what it is now and I have to deal with much more difficult people. (Now friends surround me)

We can predict the working of the machine. What we can not predict is the behavior of the human beings. No matter how ever familiar you are to some people, its just next to impossible to predict their behavior. Be it good or bad you get surprises at various points. I am not sure whether these surprises are because my ignorance and inexperience.

Life is the most able teacher for me and I am learning as things are coming along my way. I would try to post quite often now onwards!!

Aawjo (Bye in Gujarati)