07 March, 2008

The Shadow

I got reminded of this sanskrit sholk today. There was this Sanskrit shlok competition in 7th standard and my mother taught me 3 shloks for it. Of which one is as follows:
"आरंभ गुरवि क्ष्यानी क्रमेण lअघ्वी पुरावृधि मति च पश्चात ।
दिनस्य पूर्वार्ध परार्ध भिन्न छाएव मैत्री खल सज्जनानाम ॥ "
It means the friendship of a true friend is like the shadow during the morining and the evening time. The the friendship of a false friend is like the shadow at noon.

Such shlokas of wisdom spring from some corner of the brain when some relevant things happen around us. What a brain and what a mother ( कोटी कोटी वंदन)

06 March, 2008


If the thing is not there some other thing will take its place. And world will forget that thing as time passes by. Thats the law of nature!!

But it makes me feel really bad that the substitute coexist with the real product and is waiting for its disapperance. A substitute is a substitute at the end of the day not that thing !!

01 March, 2008

This is not what we expect out of this exercise!!

Two days back I read an article about the "labels" that we humans carry. It appeared in the cosmic uplink part of the Chennai edition of The Economic Times dated 28th February 2008. It said that we carry labels like " manager " , "head", "businessman"..etc... These labels interfere with the very human behaviour that is expected out of us. We think that I am a businessman and so I can be rash and rude to others. We forget the material (human soul) which is inside this package (human labels).. as the packet passes from one destination (birth) to other (death)...through the journey (called life). The author PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA at the end of the article asked us to seek the inner being and let go these labels.

After reading this article, all my and other peoples actions are judged on "whether he/she became egoistic about the labels or retained his/her true self."

Today we had a MDP with executives of some well known (upcoming) firm as a part of our course named "strategy". We students were asked to make presentations on the scenario thinking related to a place where the firm plans to launch its products. Our "DEAR" ( I truely mean it :) ) faculty had guided us to be less statistics oriented and have a more creative approach. We followed his instruction and prepared the presentation accordingly. We did a pretty good job. But according to some we just over did with the creativity part ( all because of our wild imaginations :D)...

We started the presentation. Everything was going on smoothly. Camera man was recording the session. I was looking at the audience as one of my team mate was presenting. All were attentive. Those who understood the humour hidden in the content were laughing at those points. Our faculty was also happy ( I want to put a better word here , but cant find it) and satisfied. Suddenly after 10-12 mins, one executive stoop up. He is the Senior Vice President of that firm. He said rudely, "This is not we expect from this exercise." He asked the camera man in Tamil to stop the recording and cut that part of the tape very arrogantly. We all were taken aback. Our faculty asked him to let us finish the presentation. He refused. My team mate who was presenting asked for a "one minute break"..and a glass of water..!! He tried his best and said two three lines related to presentation and then stopped. He lost the flow.

What can be an apt example of labels that we carry..? Anyways "To Err is Human, To Forgive Divine." A mistake done once out of emotional outburst can be forgiven.

Hope we b-schoolers remain as much "unlabelled" as possible.