28 September, 2008

Goal Posts

Chetan Bhagat’s well circulated (through emails) and well acknowledged speech (provide hyperlink) at the convocation ceremony of SIBM Pune has a very powerful message mentioning that let there be continuous generation of sparks in you. They drive your life and make you excel at things which you are good at.

There are hundreds and thousands of stimuli in environment. You react to these stimuli according to your characteristics (brought up, education, reading, movies etc). And that in turn determines your personality. It’s a feedback loop here.

Once you reach certain goal post of your life, the spark generation rate decreases for a certain period of time and then you start hunting for next goal. This is not the ideal and healthy way to move ahead. As is with the heart beats for the healthy physical life so is with the spark generations for mental life. Both need to be regular. The number of heart beats is determined by the Supreme power of this Universe. The destination here is death. The number of sparks shall be determined by none other than you. The destination here is goal of life.

The feedback loop will contribute to the quality/type of spark generations and the clear cut path to reach goal posts will determine the number of spark generations. Hence good quality supply at regular intervals shall be responsible for a successful life, if to be successful means to achieve once goal.

23 September, 2008

Shall post on a regular basis...

Yes dear readers, the title of the post, as you can see, is my quarterly resolution. Here I go. Did you notice any thing peculiar in the first sentence? Well...Well…I have used the workplace jargon “quarterly" to qualify the word resolution in that sentence. Words used in one’s language inform about the surroundings/environment one is part of. And as, I have transitioned from being a student only to a working professional and a student (which I will try to be throughout my life), hence the use of this jargon. “Quarterly” is most commonly used as quarterly result, quarterly goal etc at workplace.

My intentions to post were to reflect upon some of the things that I have so far experienced as a working professional. Communication is very important at workplace. You are as good as your communication. It is a very broad term which covers written and verbal communication, presentation skills, negotiation skills, conflict management skills, selling skills, interpersonal skills, body language etc. Hence the way you communicate things determines your image in the organization. A professor in one of the training sessions that I recently attended, shared the following nugget of wisdom, “People in this world do not relate to the information with you.(Like education, age, etc) but rather the meaning they draw out of you. (The way you occur to them).” It seems very true to me.

Another thing, is one related to the organization. It is the implementation of the theoretical frameworks. It is very good to conceptualize things and come up with nice looking models. But models should finally concretize in to realities i.e they should be implementable at the end of the day. Implementation becomes easy and fast when they are simple and in sync with various other functions of organization and more importantly with the organizational strategy.

I shall post many more reflections in the future posts. So readers watch out this space.
You all are my customers and I shall try my best to cater to your interests. So may I request to you all to leave comments on my posts (no problem even if it is posted as an anonymous). Until next time, keep thinking !!