19 October, 2008

Stress fosters superstition

There was an article sometime back in The Economic Times with somewhat similar title. That time it may be referring to stress at a person level. But in recent scenario it may refer to stress at global level. This stress is caused by the feeling of insecurity and no one knows when the ending of this dark tunnel. Last Diwali, the BSE sensex was at the 19k mark and the same sensex is today, just before Diwali, below the 10K mark. So we can presume that life is becoming lesser and lesser predictable with each passing day. As i read at one of the blogs the morale and loyality to the company are lat all time low across the globe...

If even in good times some successful people are superstitous with regards to letters, numbers and stars. Then in this turbulent times the reliance on such things is likely to increase. People just want some miracle to happen. Hang on people ... things will stabilize.. but it is for sure that twister in the form of economic slow down is becoming stronger and stronger day by day...so please find a safe place.. befor you consult an astrologer etc. and save yourself befor worrying about other lesser important things. ..

This is the time when survival of the fittest is in the real sense the name of the game and the change management concepts shall be put to acid test.

10 October, 2008

Baat samjaa karo

I was listening to this song "Baat samjaa karo" from the movie "Kyon ho gaya na". I have not seen the movie, so I guess the song is picturized on Amitabh Bachhan, as the male singer's voice in the movie suggests. Its a very happy kind of song, with all band baajaa and all.

Few days back I was not feeling good about my interactions with one of my colleague in the company. The thought of his/her bossing over me, even though not being my boss, disturbed me. Then I thought that why such thing was happening. The cause of problem was me and not him/her. I get busy with my daily work so much in the company that I hardly get any time to share the work in progress with him/her. So when its a "do the work" kind of situation then she/he has to tell me promptly as he/she is also busy.

So I told to myself that talk to that person atleast once in a day and exchange updates, which will result in a healthy relationship between both of us and will not cause the situation of "digging the well when the house is on fire". Hence baat samja karo ... c'mon Charlie !! :)

Organization as an organism

Yesterday I had gone for a general quiz. (Though no quizzer here.. going for such activities to have something new). In that quiz there was this question where we had to connect 3 pictures. One of them is as seen on the right hand side. This picture depicts the Gaia Theory where entire earth is referred to as an organism. This is a wonderful concept.
There were many questions but this one specifically lingered in my mind. Why is that so? This is because it resonates with my idea of organization as an organism. From past week I was thinking of organization as an organism. ( A huge one).
Lets compare an organization with none other than a human being. It goes through all the things that an individual experiences. Birth, growth, maturity and death are life stages of all the living organisms, so how then organizations be compared to an individual? This is where the differentiation comes in picture, in terms of the business of the organization. Well organizations marry (joint ventures) also but then it can be many times. Kindly note, I have mentioned joint ventures and not mergers and acquisition when referring to marriage. To me after marriage two individuals maintain their separate identity and continue to live life in each other's company. Mergers may be compared to a new child as the new entity has characteristics of both the parents. Acquistion I am not able to compare with an individual.. any one out there any creativity?