14 June, 2007

U and your organization ( part -1)

At the start of your new job/work, you have your own pace, your own zest, of doing work in the organization. As time passes, either you have conflicts with the methodology of the organization or you adapt to the methodology of the organization. If the organization’s way of doing work is lead back kind of and moves ahead in a laggard manner then its really bad. It will change you to work slowly. There can be many such non acceptable things present at the organization u work for, like bureaucracy etc. You can not enforce your good ways of tackling the work in a matter of week or month or even sometimes a year or two. The work culture of the organization is there since the time it was incepted. To bring the change you need to be a part of the system and slowly by getting along with the processes you can bring in that change. The duration of such a change depends on the magnitude of the change. The change that is near to the truth or the truth itself, will take the least time to get accepted. So let your changes be the changes for the progress of organization built on the strong foundation of truth so that no earthquake (trend change) will be able to disrupt it.

12 June, 2007

CeLeBrAtInG 1st BiRtHdAy !!

Hi all,

It has been one year since this mania called blog-o-maina caught me !! ..Well I would sincerely like to thank my friend Rajneesh ( http://rajionsong.blogspot.com/ ) for encouraging me to start blogging. Blog has always been a space for me to express my ideas, opinions and many times complete article I liked At this point I am wondering, that I have grown one year older in blogging and I personally feel that I have grown mentally too. This is in terms of my thoughts. They are more organized than what they were earlier.

Ya. I do agree that there were a lots of breaks in between and topics were spread across various fields. But, its because of your earnest comments, my dear readers, that encouraged me to blog and especially Anoop's and Ravi's feedback to post original work has given me a new jolt to blog more furiously.

Keep reading and dont forget to leave your invaluable comments.

Well ,..ending this post by a wonderful painting by some unknown artist. This is one of my favourites.

Originality ... made great people !!

Recently, I read Creating Minds, a book by Howard Gardner. In this book Howard Gardner has described seven personalities in the descending order of his perception of their being creative. The names of the great personalities are as follows

Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky, T. S Eliot, Martha Graham
and Mahatma Gandhi.

The author's focus here is to search for patterns to find out similarities and differences.
Author quotes, "I believe that if we can better understand the breakthroughs achieved by individuals deliberately drawn from diverse domain, we should be able to tease out principles that govern creative human activity, wherever it arises I shall argue that a creative breakthrough in one realm cannot be collapsed uncritically with breakthroughs in other realms.”

He also says, “Each creative breakthrough entails an intersection of the childlike and the mature; the peculiar genius of the modern in the century has been the incorporation of the sensibility of a very young child.

The book starts with the description of the principle components in the study of creativity, then goes on to describe the seven personalities in the context of these components and ends with drawing the similarities and differences among these creative minds.

Of all the personalities, the people about whom I was interested to know about were Freud, Einstein and Gandhiji.

Well the things that are still there in me after reading about them are:

They all had a good emotional support of their near and dear ones and friends.
They chose to shine in the area where they felt very wholesome. The area, where they could identify themselves the best.
They all isolated themselves from the society when they stood out with their first breakthrough.
After this, they gained supporters’ support and admirers’ love to make their creation widespread.

While reading this, if you were able to identify yourself with any of the characteristics mentioned above, then you may be the next creating mind of this century.

We all are unique creation of the supreme power that rules this universe and we all have creativity within us. The only thing lacking is the right blend of the circumstances, opportunities, determination and of course luck.

06 June, 2007

Just another post !!

Not a seasoned writer, but here I am, scribbling something in my blog.
Every moment you live, you judge yourself (right or wrong). This right or wrong is applicable to anything of your life (your career decision, your behavior, and your friends). And we want everything to be right. Well, there are times when you feel that you have made a wrong decision. People say,successful person moves from wrong to the right track . But is it always possible to revert to right track? And is there something called right track of life or is it just a matter of pure luck?

Well according to me, good luck is one of the factors to a successful life and it is not under our control. So give your best to everything you do and leave the rest on your luck!!

Did I do a right thing by posting this?